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Domino Chance (aka) Olympia Delane

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Name:Domino Chance (aka) Olympia Delane
Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Domino Chance aka Olympia Delane was born in Vancouver, Canada and is an only child. Because her mother grew up as one of nine children, she never wanted more than one herself. Domino was an accident, a product of a fling between her father, a cop, and her court reporter mother. Turns out that her dad wasn't just the fuck and run sort, and when he heard he knocked Domino's mother up, he proposed to her. She turned him down... four times, before she finally realised he was legit and accepted. They married when Domino was five, and decided to adopt a child together, where Domino finally went from being an only child to having a younger brother, Morton, two years younger than Domino.

Before the ink was even dry on Morton's adoption, their dad was shot and killed in the line of duty. She struggled so much she turned to drink, and it causes Social Services to intervene when she was reported for possible neglect and investigated. When it was found she was an unfit mother because of her addiction, Domino and Morton's grandparents stepped in and agreed to take the children until their mom got her shit together. Only problem was, they had moved to Nevada years prior upon their retirement because they hated the cold Canadian weather. As a result, Domino and Morton ended up being raised in Nevada, with way too easy access to Vegas.

Grandpa died of a heart attack when Domino was 18 and Grandma couldn't cope with raising two teenagers alone. As much as she loved both the kids, she wanted to send them back to their mother. Neither of them wanted to go. Domino quit school and got a job as a receptionist at a doctor's surgery to rent a tiny apartment for her and Morton in Vegas so he could at least finish out high school at the same school. Things went great for a few years. Morton got an apprenticeship as a mechanic and they both contributed to the rent and bills. Domino started to entertain ideas of going to college to study Psychology. But simultaneous to her getting a scholarship, Morton was diagnosed with Leukemia.

The medical bills rapidly piled up, and without Morton's income to contribute, cash fast became strapped. In addition to the medical bills growing all the time, Domino wanted to do the best she could to care for her little brother, especially when she wasn't a bone marrow match because she was only Morton's sister via adoption. She ended up losing her job because of taking too many days off. It was desperation that had her turning to prostitution to pay the bills and at least retain a roof over their heads while Morton went through lengthy chemotherapy. She took on a new name, an alias, but it soon was the only label anyone called her and she was okay with that. Morton eventually went into remission, however three years later, he relapsed and this time, he succumbed and passed away in his sleep in hospital.

By that time, Domino was in too far with hooking. After she lost Morton, she turned to drugs and found an unlikely friend in another hooker managed by her pimp, Spencer Marcus. After getting high together and trashing themselves at a rage, Spencer nursed her through the come down and hangover, listening to her spill her whole story about losing her brother and still being in deep grief about him. Spencer told her to try to resist the drugs. All it would do was make her look forty years older than she was and destroy her chances of having kids some day. Mostly, he told her she was too good a person to and up on the same path as he was. He, too, lost his brother in an horrific way. He got it. They became best friends, and Spencer moved in with her, taking on half the rent.

However, after the mess with Zoran Jennings, where he not only discovered he was Positive, but had infected some poor bastard from New York, Spencer completely went off the rails. Luckily, Domino had the foresight to put a tracker on his cell phone and found he had gone to New York. Knowing that both Zoran and his twin were apparently now in New York, Domino worried he was about to rock up and screw up their lives. He was in a mess of a place, and all she wanted to do was help him. And the only place she knew where to start was leave for New York, as soon as possible. It wasn't like you couldn't be a hooker anywhere in the world, right?

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